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Featured case study: Cadillac Breakthrough Tour

Cadillac Breakthrough Tour

Program: Cadillac Breakthrough Tour
Product: CTS, Escalade and EXT
Status: Executed February 2002 through August 2002.
Summary: A sophisticated initiative using both market blitzes at fairs/festivals, bars, athletic events, special events, concerts and more as well as a personal delivery test-drive program for selected participants. Executed in 6 major markets – Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago for six to eight weeks.
Role: For each market Team Marketing provided 3 regional managers, 4 local managers and approximately 30-40 product specialists to execute the program. Responsibilities included hiring, training, payroll and supervision of each markets’ managers and product specialists. Our management and staff were responsible for all facets of the program – event site relationships, scheduling, vehicle maintenance, inventory tracking and supply.

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