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Featured case study: 2007 and 2008 Target Children’s Book Festivals

2007 and 2008 Target Children’s Book Festivals

Program: 2007 and 2008 Target Children’s Book Festivals
Product: Target and participating Book Publishers
Status: 2007 and 2008; through November 2008 – currently running.
Summary: Nationwide program running in select markets (including NY, LA, Detroit, DC, Chicago, Honolulu, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, etc.) as part of Target’s on-going commitment to children’s literacy. Programs involve costume characters, escorts/photographers, author readings (participating children’s book authors have included Julie Andrews and Cheech Marin), wranglers to escort the authors, author signings, children’s entertainment (including various Disney bands – i.e. The Doodlebops), children’s activity area, premium distribution and more. In 2007 Target’s agency put Team head to head with another staffing vendor and Team won the account and has handled all of the festivals and events since.
Role: Team provides 10-22 in-market staff as well as team leaders to coordinate staff and provide recap. Of note is that costume characters have very precise size requirements and in select markets bilingual staff are provided. We also helped design the program manual.

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