Team Marketing USA -- Client FAQs


Team Marketing is the answer to your nationwide event staffing needs!

What sets us apart from other agencies? ... EVERYTHING!

1)  Our customized database of over 40,000 staff with our proprietary Target Marketing (T.M.) system.  Target Marketing provides us the ability to align staff to fit a client’s specific program requirements based on product/service, target demographics, skill-set and experience;

2)  Our screening process;

3)  How we book and train the staff;

4)  How we structure and manage programs with integrated communication procedures, check-in calls and recap/reporting.

5)  Our core philosophy - We do not want to be the agency with the most staff; we want to have the best staff ... so your programs execute correctly!

Put us to the test and match us up against other agencies - there is a difference! Make the Connection - It’s Time for Team Marketing!

Below are some common RFP questions.  For the password to access the pdf of our detailed responses and/or if you require any additional information about Team Marketing please don’t hesitate to contact us either via email at or via phone at 845-338-8800 ext. 101.

  1. how do you currently handle recruiting?
  2. what is the typical lead time for requesting staff?
  3. how many candidates are in your database?
  4. how often is the database flushed for inactive personnel?
  5. how do you handle staffing for your clients?
  6. what is the number of staff you provide for clients?
  7. what infrastructure do you have in place?
  8. what human resources or payroll resources do you have?
  9. what systems do you have for doing payroll, training and program management?
  10. what are your timesheet procedures?
  11. what do you consider your company’s core product lines?
  12. how do you handle staffing no shows?
  13. what are your billing procedures?
  14. what are general staffing rates?
  15. will there be a rate for major cities and a rate for outlying areas?
  16. do you have staffing available to travel for overnights or tours?
  17. what are the costs associated with overnights? what is your per diem rate? are hotel expenses included in per diem?
  18. what is the lead time for travel assignments?
  19. are there additional costs for holiday and short notice? if so, how do you handle?
  20. what do you consider your strongest region(s) for staffing?
  21. what is your minimum call/hours daily for booking?
  22. what are your policies and penalties for cancellations?
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Nationwide Coverage/Regional Coordinators: We execute in over 100 markets nationwide with direct hired field managers, spokesmodels and promotional staff in every market.  We have regional coordinators in NY, Hartford, DC, Atlanta, Denver, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco to provide program coordination.

We are Team Marketing - Your Nationwide Event Staffing Solution!

Over 100 markets nationwide!