Team Marketing USA -- Our Team

Team Marketing takes pride in the quality and commitment of our staff. Our teamwork and experience make the difference. We are event people, not models who just look pretty. Clients want intelligent, articulate, responsible and attractive managers and staff to execute their programs, communicate effectively and achieve their goals. We listen and understand our clients' needs.  Team Marketing is our people!

Team Marketing Mosaic

Team Marketing's in-house account teams have been on the client side and are sensitive to our clients' needs. In addition to agency experience, we have been in the field managing and staffing over 100 national programs. We know what works and what doesn't. We have managed and coordinated national programs launching concurrently in over 40 markets and recognize that organization, planning, creativity, patience, communication, dedication and cooperation are required. There are deadlines to be met and decisions to be made. We have the experience to recognize the uniquely fluid nature of event marketing and the commitment to be available 24 hours a day to respond to those needs. We bring these experiences and abilities to the plate utilizing them to produce successful, cost-effective programs for our clients.

The importance of the Team Marketing field staff is equally as vital and cannot be understated. They are the connection between clients and consumers. Our extensive network of over 28,000 promotional staff includes:

Field Market Managers Trade Show Booth Staff
Promotional Models Brand Ambassadors
Product Specialists Street/Guerilla teams
Lead Generators Samplers and Demonstrators
Emcees/DJs Drivers
Tour Manager and Staff Costume Characters
Bilingual Staff Specialized Talent

We execute our programs with the highest caliber personnel. Using our T.M. (Target Marketing) advanced search capabilities, staff selection is tailored to our clients' specific product or target leading to a far more effective and successful program. Further, all staff must be T.E.A.M. certified prior to booking (Our quality assurance program requiring
raining, Experience, Ability and Motivation (do you have a better M word?)). These steps insure that staff will properly and successfully deliver the message, generate the impression and represent the client to the public.

We are Team Marketing - Your Nationwide Event Staffing Solution!

Over 100 markets nationwide!