Team Marketing USA -- Shout-Outs


Chrysler Mobile Showcase Tour

A big TM shout-out to:  Jamie Shelton, Aaron Shelton, Angela Klecha and Aaron Bruner.

These 4 were brand ambassadors on the Chrysler Mobile Showcase Tour when it visited Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska on August 16 and 17. Their primary job was lead acqusition.

Per client - "The staff this week did a fantastic job! Everyone sent out by Team Marketing was awesome. It was great to work with individuals that enjoyed what they were doing and worked really well together as a team. I would definitely want any of the team members to work another event. They tried extremely hard to reach the goals of the event."


Target Book Festival Tour - 8/23

A thanks and shout out to:  The team lead - Chris Hicks - and the 22 event staff that helped make the Detroit Book Festival a successful execution. From team lead to costume staff, to escorts, autograph staff and activity staff, the client was extemely satisfied. 

Per client - "A great staff again today... And a wonderful event".


Soul of UL Tour- Underwriters Laboratories - 9/22-9/24

A big TM shout-out to Camas, WA crew: Larryjohn Stupey, Gregory Chase, Nick Agorgianitis and Corinne Lowenthal.

Per client -  they were "the best we’ve had so far. ... when it was work-time, they were all heads-down, focused, quiet, careful and organized. They all worked well as a team, and their backgrounds in theater production, gallery exhibits, and stage sound/lighting were all exactly what we needed".


Wahl Let it Grow Tour - Letter from Client - 10/22/08

A big TM Shout-out to: the 100 plus staff who worked on the program from May through October 08

"Thanks again for all your hardwork in making the Wahl "Let It Grow" Tour the most successful yet.  With over 43 million media/event impressions, we clobbered last year's number by 15 mil.  I appreciate Team Marketing being so accommodating and working all those late nights and weekends to ensure all staff needs were fulfilled.  We just had our end of the year meeting and looks like we'll be headed back out in '09 anywhere from 16-20 weeks!  I'll be putting together the schedule over the next few months, but hopefully going to start in April."  

Justin Patricoff


Confidential High profile program - Email from Client - August 26, 2009

All I can say is "wow... how do you do it??"   99 BA's were at the Target Center by 5 after 10 and they were all great quality. Thank you! You make us look good! :)  

Jessica Carlson | Associate Producer

BI | Media & Events



9/29/10 - Shari Eckert

If you have a chance Wednesday night, watch me on Modern Family episode #2. 9pm on ABC or or I play, Francine, "trophy wife" of car dealership owner, Michael.

10/21/08 - Traci Hovel - NY, NY   "Hey....I'm opposite Brooke Shields on:    Lipstick Jungle on NBC  " Chapter Eleven: The F-Word"   Principal role as Patti.  Airs 10 pm  Oct 22, 2008  Wed" 

10/23/08 - Michelle Wargo - Orlando, FL  "For those of you in Central Florida, I invite you to tune in to Bright House Cable channel 13 every morning from 5a-9a for your most complete and accurate traffic reports.  As you know, I have been reporting traffic on CFN 13 for more than a year, but now I am working out of their studios, live on camera. Watch me during the "Traffic Checks", every ten minutes after weather". 

10/29/08 - Alley Mulrain - NYC  "I just wanted to let you know that I will be on TV this Friday, Oct.31st on the Fox game show, 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' with Wayne Brady. My girlfriend, Debbie Tuscano, is the contestant and I am one of her 'back-up' singers..and yes, she does call on me towards the end of the show. So if you're in front of a TV on Halloween night or want to set the TIVO,  check me out!!!

11/11/08 - Tara Quinn - San Francisco, CA  "Around the World and Back Again - What I have been up to this past year...This last year has been an intense wonderful journey. From Macau, China to Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, Amsterdam and Greece. I visited so many amazing places and have been touched by so many inspiring people ... I spent the first half of my year of travels as the Resident Contortionist at the brand new Venetian Casino and Resort in Macau, China.   I then went on to volunteer in Kenya with the Africa Yoga Project and Sarakasi Trust, co-creating and choreographing a show for the Amani Circus.  The circus is made up of talented youth from the slums of Nairobi and brings a message of peace, performs, and teaches circus arts. It travels and performs in the areas that were most affected by the recent post election violence.  I also took time to advance my own skills as a performer,  teacher, and healer by studying Thai Massage in Thailand, completing the AcroYoga Teacher Training in Greece, and training acrobatics at the Dutch Acrobatics Festival in the Neatherlands.   Then this summer I had the priviledge to be the Chief of Circus at Sandy Cove Resort instructing flying trapeze and Circus Arts in North East, MD. Where am I now... I am happy to be home again in San Francisco and busy performing, teaching, and collaborating with new companies and artists, including Velocity Circus, Vau de Vire Society, The Labayen Dance Company and Mystic Family Circus.


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From those of us at Team Marketing to all of you - "Thanks for doing such a great job!  We look forward to working with you in the future".