Team Marketing USA -- Staff FAQs

Message to all Team Marketing members:

The answers to most questions as to how programs are booked, how they should execute, staff communication and pay are provided in our Promotion Guidelines available below.  All staff should have downloaded, saved and reviewed these Guidelines prior to or immediately after accepting a booking so that we have a clear understanding of the responsibilities and commitments we owe to each other, events execute successfully, you have fun and we can have a very positive and long-running relationship. 

Please right click on the Promotion Guidelines link and then

select "Save Target As ..." to save on your computer.

Download Promotion Guidelines PDF file Download Acrobat Reader from Adobe

If you need a W-9 please right click on the W-9 link and then
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For a quick look at frequent questions and our on the spot, totally made up, off the top of our head answers, please look below.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How we book

2. How to update your information

3. How to respond to an email blast

4. Where is the promotional resume template

5. Once booked, how to communicate if question/issue/problem before event

6. How do I get paid after an event?

7. What if I am running late to a promotion, etc.

8. What if issue or problem during event

9.  How do I submit my invoice

10. How long does it take to get paid

11. What to do if any other questions



1.  How we book:

Email Blasts:

With the fast pace of event marketing and new programs coming in everyday we inform staff about programs running in their markets by sending e-mail broadcasts.  Accordingly, please make sure that your ISP does not block our emails or categorize us as SPAM, or you will not receive notice of promotions.  Check spam folders!

Who we contact

The e-mails will be sent to groups of staff based on the markets they listed and the skills and experience they filled out in our database when they registered as well as based on experience shown by resumes - so please make sure your information is up to date, accurate and includes all information so you are included in the Email blasts .

The Process:

We will review the responses (we may also forward staff to clients for approval based on the program) and then contact selected staff via phone to discuss the program and book them.  We will only contact staff who have been selected, we simply can't contact everyone as sometimes we need to fill 6 slots and have 95 staff respond.  We do our best to match the staff to the program based on experience and program needs. top

2.  How to update your information: 

If you have moved or otherwise need to update or change your information including:

-   your phone number, address, email address or other contact information,

- your skills or experience level (speak spanish, licensed stylist, drive segway, TABC/Alcohol certified, have auto experience, manager, etc.),

... simply email that new information to 

-   to submit an updated resume or photos - DO NOT put in the body of an email

     - Also no links, zip files or pdfs

     - Resumes must be sent as attachments in word doc format. 

     - Pictures must be sent as attachments in jpeg format. 

     - PLEASE NOTE - when sending pictures and resumes it is extremely helpful if you re-name the files and include your first and last name in the name of the file i.e, "Robert Evans Resume" as we have thousands of "my pics" or "my bodyshot". ***)

Team Marketing Rocks

- If you have moved, please make sure to include in the email the new markets you can work in (just review the market list on the New Staff page and include the cities in the email).  Our intent is to keep our nationwide staff busy with fun programs and not let them miss out on any opportunities. top

3.  How to respond to an email blast: 

When responding to an e-mail broadcast or posting, please follow the Submission Instructions listed in the posting or e-mail as it will direct you whether to call or email

Initially, please review the email to make sure

     - you fit the demographic the client is looking to target,

     - you are available the days and hours of the program and

    - you live in the market and are able to get to the event site location

Once those initial steps have been completed, then

     - Contact the designated account coordinator in the manner directed (usually email) and very clearly

     - 1) include your name and contact info

     - 2) include the program code in the subject line and

     - 3) attach a picture in jpeg and a resume in word (if we do not have recent ones on file). top

4.  Where is the promotional resume template:

***Staff who are interested in managing or working programs or working at tradeshows must have a resume in word doc format on file.  For guidance on how to write a promotional resume, please review the memo on Writing a Promotional Resume set forth below.

Writing a Promotional Resume top


5.  Once booked, how to communicate:


     - If you have any questions, issues or problems after being booked for an event you need to call the account coordinator who booked you - NO EMAILS PLEASE! Do not call the manager!!

     - If your question, issue, problem is within 24 hours of your event or you have any short notice or time-sensitive issues then please call the 24 HR On-Call number 845-417 6561 (This # is only for booked staff!).  Again, you call us, not the manager!


     - Also, please make sure you have downloaded and reviewed our Promotion Guidelines 3-4 days prior to working an event as well as the client's program training manual if there is

    - You should also have the program attire, directions to event site and a Team Marketing Timesheet. 

6.  How do I get paid

You invoice us after an event.  An invoice template is found in the Promotion Guidelines pdf which is linked at the top of this page.  top

7.  What if running late to a promotion:

     - Be on time:Staff should be on-site at the booth 10-15 minutes before start of event shift (so take traffic, parking, transit schedules, etc. into account).  Parking or walking to booth at start time is not being on time. If you aren't standing at meeting location or booth at start time, then you are late :)

     - If running late for any reason - car trouble, can't find parking, overslept, dog at my timesheet, etc. - you must call the on-call # before start of shift - meaning as soon as you even think there is going to be a problem - so we are on top of it.  We don't want manager calling us to say you aren't there; we should be calling him before you are late to let him know you are on the way so he never starts to think you are a no-show! top

8.  What if issue or problem during event

Questions/Issues/Problems:  If during event you have any questions, issues or problems you shouldn't stress about it, simply call us.  Don't wait - you address with us immediately via the on-call number.   Don't wait until shift is over or next day - as we don't have a time machine :) - call us so we can help you and fix it right away so the program is executed correctly.  We can't go back in time. top


9.  How do I submit my invoice

Invoice:  You can submit it one of three ways - you can scan and email; you can fax; or you can mail (if mailing, make a copy for your records).  The relevant addresses and numbers are provided on the invoice template and in the Promotion Guidelines.

Report Forms (if any):  Either email or fax as per instructions when booked, but also include hard copy in

10.  How long does it take to get paid

Pay:  We always pay within less than 30 days of receipt of invoice, though we try and do it within two to three weeks.  We do not wait for clients to pay us.  As long as you do the job correctly per our procedures and clients' instructions, you will be paid. 

Pay questions:  If you have worked an event and have any questions about pay, please email or call ext 100; do not call the account coordinator who booked you. top

11.  If you have other questions:  

If you have any questions about Team Marketing and our policies and procedures the first thing to do is to review our Promotion Guidelines (which you can access above) as the answers to most questions are very clearly set forth therein.  Please do this before emailing or calling us!  If you still have questions after reading the Guidelines, then please email (unless you are booked and then you should be calling your account coordinator) or if not booked, call ext 106. top